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    Dear traveler, You have chosen or will choose a colorful journey in South Africa. 
 You will enjoy this beautiful country. The scenery is stunning and very varied. As a true explorer, you will encounter manytypes of game going. Perhaps you are so happy the “Big Five” for your camera lens to get. South Africa, a country with a cultural heritage that can not be ignored, a country with manycontradictions. A country that many impressions you will leave after a long time and will remainin your memory. Tired of traveling and met all the impressions, you and your family in our very comfortable, large and fully equipped villa to relax, a reviving plunge, enjoy a real South African “braai” or a delicious dinner in the adjoining restaurant. Would you like adventure and comfort go hand in hand, go look at your leisure through this siteand do not hesitate to contact us via mtdebrouwer5@xs4all.nl  Anyway, we wish you an unforgettable trip and an extraordinary amount of holiday fun! Marie-Therese de Brouwer and Ben Verhulst

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